Digital Outlook

Dive into visual aesthetics and stories showcases the portfolio of 3D artist Wahab Ahmad. He initially created the website layout using Figma and generously shared the design with me. I replicated the design and made my own improvements. The website is built on a free WordPress theme. is a fusion fashion designer wear brand, meticulously crafted within Pakistan. The platform used is Shopify, employing a free theme that I personally designed to align with Naqees website’s vision for the brand.

Esajee is an FMCG Retail Brand in Pakistan dedicated to offering affordable imported products, snacks, and beverages. With a vast and frequently changing product inventory, Esajee required an optimized website for fast and responsive loading. To achieve this, a CDN, a custom Magento 2 theme, a custom Java API to connect the inventory management tool, and a load balancer were implemented. is a Pakistani cultural wear brand. Their aim was to create a website that is simple yet vibrant. The site is constructed using a paid Shopify theme, keeping it elegantly uncomplicated.

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